Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the modules take to complete in the classroom?

The expected structure of a 50 minute school lesson is:
1. 20 Minutes for students complete the module.
2. 10 Minutes to redo the module or quiz, then save, spend and invest the money they have earned.
3. 20 Minutes for activity. This is an important component of the program as it provides an opportunity for discussion, questions, corrections and reinforcement.

How long will it take school students to complete the program?

There are 43 modules in total, 30 classroom modules, and 13 student/parent modules which are designed for parents to do with their child. Assuming students complete 1 module per week, it will take 43 weeks (one school year) to complete. Assuming students complete 2 modules/ week, it will take 22 weeks (1 term) to complete.

How much input is required by teachers/ parents during lessons?

MoneyTime is a self-directed experiential learning tool designed to ease the teaching burden from you. Students shouldn’t require much assistance to complete the modules, if any. However we strongly recommend you facilitate discussion activities after the modules in order to consolidate what they have learned.

Are there lesson plans for the modules?

Module guides are provided to give you an overview of what your students will be learning, including learning outcomes, vocabulary and teaching points. They also provide suggestions for activities to reinforce what your child has learned. For teachers, module guides are available in the Modules tab (click on Guide for the relevant module). For parents, click here to access the Parent Study Guide. 

How can students earn extra money?

Students can earn extra money by redoing quizzes. They will receive $200 for each answer they improve their score by. For example, if a student gets 5 correct answers the first time they complete a quiz they will earn $500. Then if they redo the quiz and get 7 correct they earn an extra $400.

Can students retake the pre and post tests?

No, pre-tests and post-tests cannot be retaken as these indicate how well students have grasped the material and are important feedback for them, you and us. The onus is therefore on students to do their best in the pre-test, concentrate during the modules, then do their best in the post test.

Do I have to think of rewards for my students?

No, students are rewarded with virtual money, achievements, earning a place on the leaderboard and certificates through-out the program. However one of the Spend options is to spend on others by donating to charity.  Donating to charity doesn’t provide a monetary return and reduces their net wealth but contributing to help others is something that should be encouraged so you might want to give them a reward when they gain a generosity medal. Click the “Spend” tab in Student view then “On others” to see the thresholds at which generosity medals are earned.

Is MoneyTime Christian based?

The content of MoneyTime is secular. The philosophy we promote is having money is good because it gives you choices to improve your life, and that of your family and community.