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Trouble Shooting

“Invalid Google login” error message 

This error message usually occurs when a student uses Google login but is logged into a different Google account than the one they created their MoneyTime account with.

To resolve the issue:
1. Open a new tab on their browser
2. Access their Google account and log out
3. Login to Google again using the account they used to set up their MoneyTime account with.
4. Close the tab
5. Visit the MoneyTime time website, click Student login then select Student Login with Google. 

“Invalid Email Address” error message 

Was the your or your student’s account created using Google login or an email address? You or they will not be able to login using email and password if the account was created using ‘Login with Google’. Try using the ‘Login with Google’ button.

 If the account was created using email and password, check spelling of email and password login details.

Student forgot password

Teachers: In your Manage tab, click on the three horizontal bars at the end of the student’s record then click ‘Send password reset’.

Parents: Email for a password reset.

Password reset not received

Please check your Spam and Deleted folders for an email from

Student doesn’t have an avatar 

If a student has progressed past module one and there is no avatar showing on their homepage they missed selecting their avatar at the end of module 1. They need to click on their “Earn” tab then select Module 1. They need to redo the quiz for module 1 then when they get to the results screen they can select an avatar.

Student’s screen freezes

If a student is doing a module and encounters a system problem (which may also produce a spinning cursor), they should:
1. Refresh the screen by clicking the page refresh button in the header bar of their browser.
2. Close out of the module using the cross at the top right of the screen then resume the module by going to Dashboard/Earn, clicking on the module and clicking “Resume”. 
3. If neither of these resolves the problem contact

Student wants to edit data they have input

Ask the student to press use the back arrow twice to go to the screen prior to the one they wish to edit, then refresh the screen. They can then press the forward arrow once to reach the screen they wish to edit (the back arrow has the effect of erasing inputs).

If that doesn’t work they can try:
1. Exiting the module by clicking the “X” at the top right of their screen.
2. Refreshing their screen
3. Going to the “Earn” tab
4. Clicking the module they were working on. It will take them back to where they exited from.
5. Use the back arrow to go back two screens before the exercise 

If that still doesn’t work, please let us know their name and we’ll try fixing it from our end.

Module won’t unlock for a student

1. Check you have unlocked the modules for your students. 

2. If the next module does not show for a student as unlocked, even though you have unlocked it, it means the student has not completed the post test for the previous module. Each module has a 10 question quiz at the end of it. There is also a 15 question post-test after the quiz for the modules at the end of a topic (a topic is every 3-4 modules). So your student needs to go to their Earn tab, click on the last module they were on, redo the quiz, get to the results page and click the orange button to do the post test.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

If you cannot find the solution to your issue here, contact with a screenshot of the error message and the page address at the top left of the screen.