How MoneyTime works


Creating a MoneyTime accounts for your child/children

The MoneyTime account/s you create will be for your children. There is no parent account at present. Parent account functionality will be released late 2021 and will be made available to all existing users. 

Each MoneyTime account requires their own login. This can either be a separate Google account for each child or a separate email address.

1. Open Chrome, Safari or Firefox. MoneyTime is not compatible with Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet, Internet Explorer or Opera.

2. Copy and paste into your browser.

3. Create your child/children's MoneyTime accounts using Google/Gmail accounts or email addresses.

4. Type in (do not copy and paste) the unique access code GIVE when prompted for your Class Code.

For security reasons, this code is only valid for a limited time. 

5. Have your child/children watch the introductory video.

6. Bookmark the MoneyTime Homepage for future logins.

If you have any questions you can reach us at

Resources for parents

If you would like to work through the MoneyTime program with your child, we’ve created downloadable resources for you.