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MoneyTime is a web-based, self-taught financial literacy program that makes teaching financial literacy easy.

The program is suitable for students from grades 5 to 7, inclusive. 

Set up is remarkably simple and takes less than 2 minutes – no webinars required! There is no prep time for lessons and quizzes are automatically marked. It couldn’t be easier for you!




Why choose MoneyTime for your financial literacy lessons?

No teacher training required

MoneyTime makes it easy to teach financial literacy by doing the teaching for you. The program provides self directed learning allowing students to work through the program independently. Lesson plans are provided to help you guide students if necessary and are full of practical activities to spark conversation and expand on what has been taught in the program. 

Regular automatically marked assessments

MoneyTime has automatically marked quizzes and tests to assess student progress after each lesson. Easy to follow reporting functions provide detailed feedback on student results for yourself, your exec team and your board. 

Learning through play

By combining interactive financial literacy lessons with a fun money management game it maximizes students’ engagement and enjoyment.

 Students earn virtual money for completing lessons. They can then spend that money in the game. Students can choose to spend, save, invest or donate to charity. The decisions they make have simulated real life outcomes that help students understand the impact of their choices. This enables students to explore making financial decisions without risk, or fear of failure. 

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Built in parent engagement

In addition to 30 classroom lessons, there are 13 lessons for students to complete with their parent or guardian. These are completely optional but are highly recommended as they enable students to put their learning into their own real life context.

 Teachers tell us that parents love that their child is learning how to be smart with money, and are often surprised at their child’s level of understanding of the personal finance topics gained from the MoneyTime program. 

Analysis of student test results shows a 44% average increase in knowledge across all lessons, proof that MoneyTime really works!

Ideal for remote and distance learning

MoneyTime is widely used as a blended learning resource in classrooms however being self-directed it is also ideal for remote learning. Students can be onboarded remotely and are able to work on the program independently. You can then engage students in virtual discussion exercises and activities to put the learning in their family context. A comprehensive teacher guide is provided to assist with this.

Implementing a financial education curriculum

How to fit MoneyTime into your timetable

The 30 financial literacy lessons fit equally well into English, Maths and Social Science learning areas. The program is best utilised as a block/unit (2-3 modules per week) to get the maximum benefit of continuity.

Quick and easy to implement

Getting started takes just 2 minutes. There are no webinars to watch or lengthy lesson preparation to do. It’s just as quick for your students. Once they have watched the short introductory video explaining how the program works, they can start the lessons. 

Maximum flexibility

Each financial literacy lesson only takes thirty minutes - meaning plenty of flexibility. They can be scheduled into your timetable, used as extension activities, set for homework and are an easy filler for relief teachers. If you can’t fit them into a block, use them as end of year fun!

Easy to follow lesson guides

MoneyTime provides lesson guides that include activities and discussions for you to do with your students after each lesson. This is important for feedback, questions and reinforcement.

Hear from teachers using MoneyTime

How MoneyTime works

30 Practical personal finance lessons

MoneyTime covers a wide range of money lessons for grades 4, 5, 6 and 7. Topics include employment, job application, career choice, banking, property purchase, investing and business basics.

13 Parent-child

Additional to the 30 student lessons are 13 parent child lessons. These are designed for students to complete with a parent or trusted adult. They are completely optional but are highly recommended as they help to put learning into real life context.

Fun money management game

Lessons are combined with a fun money management game. The game lets students try out the strategies they’ve learnt in the program to grow and manage their money.

30 Minutes for
each lesson

Each lesson module only takes 30 minutes to complete and play the money management game meaning they’re easy to fit in your class timetable. 

What Teachers are saying

Teachers at Selwyn House School have been testing MoneyTime’s financial literacy program for the last 9 months and their feedback has been unreservedly positive. The authors have gone to great lengths to ensure the material is age appropriate, engaging and effective. I have no hesitation in recommending MoneyTime as a valuable teaching resource for such an important life skill.

Dr Lyn Bird, Principal

My class are loving the program and are begging me to unlock the next module. They are telling me their parents are just as excited as them about the program and are working through it with them at night. This is a fantastic way to get families talking. I think it is one of the best programs I have used as far as student engagement goes and it’s great to see they are transferring their learning back into the classroom program.

Julie Burrows, Academic Coordinator

The developers of this program clearly have a great sense of humour and a great understanding of children in this age group. They have made the subject both fun and engaging, with humour and incentives which hook the learners from their first module. My class loves it and asks every day if today is a MoneyTime day! Their parents are loving that they are being introduced to complex concepts about managing finances from a young age. I highly recommend it.

Ann Smales, Teacher

Thanks so much, my students are loving this program. We had parent/teacher conferences last week and a number of parents said that it has resulted in a conversations about 'money'. It is great to see this happening.

Shane Lavery, Teacher

The class was super excited to be doing this, they loved it today, even the ones who did it last year were excited. It’s so nice when they are all this enthusiastic about their learning.

Lisa Ashton, Teacher

The kids are totally into it and very highly motivated. From a VERY low baseline of knowledge, they’re now bandying words like mortgage and interest and investment like old hands. Best of all, they’re seeing in a very graphic and understandable way how money works and how it grows. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to use this excellent program.

David Mackenzie, Teacher

What MoneyTime teaches students

Teaching school children banking

Earning, Saving and Employment

In these initial lessons students learn how money gets earned, the importance of saving, and how interest works.

The employment modules introduce them to careers they might be interested in and give an understanding of the job application process.

Teaching students to budget

Smart Spending, Budgets, Banking and Payments

Students learn how to make good buying decisions, how to prepare basic budgets, how bank accounts work and the different ways of making payments so that they feel confident managing their money.

Teaching students about mortgage repayments

Borrowing, Borrowing and Repayments, Rent or Buy, Mortgages, Buying property

Students are introduced to the concepts of debt, loans, and repayments so they don’t feel afraid of these when they are exposed to them in the future.

The thought of buying a property is intimidating for most people so the property modules normalize the process by walking students through the basics of property purchase and explore the cost differences between renting and buying.

Financial education curriculum that includes investing

Fixed Term Deposits, Property Investment, Shares, Collectibles, Business Basics, Marketing, Promotion, Profit and Loss

You can make money with money! Students are introduced to different types of investments and the basics of business so that they begin to understand how they can use them to increase their wealth.

They learn how businesses work, how they make money and the different kinds of jobs businesses offer.

Teaching children about insurance

Warranties and Cash, Insurance, Online Security and Net Wealth

Students are introduced to their consumer rights, how to protect their personal wealth against financial crisis, cyber security and investing to grow their wealth for the future.

What students are saying about MoneyTime

I love MoneyTime because it is teaching us for the future but also keeps us interested because it's like a game.


I think money time is a lot of fun because it gets you ready for when you leave the house to make your own decisions.


I now have large conversations with my family about things that I have picked up from modules. MoneyTime … teaches you life skills, and still allows you to be a kid. I feel like it is really improving my math, and I really hope I can do it again.


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