Partner with us to increase South African
financial literacy rates

Created in New Zealand, MoneyTime has been used by more than 60,000 students in over 700 schools (44% of the New Zealand market). It has proved to be very popular as can be seen by the testimonials from teachers using the program. It also received the 2022 award for Best Children's Education Program of the Year and was a runner up in the 2022 Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards (MAIA’s).

The program is incredibly effective, evidenced by an average 44% improvement in knowledge by all students across the whole program. Our New Zealand schools introductory video explains why we’ve been so successful in the schools market. For those children who cannot access the program at school, we have a subscription version that homeschoolers and families can purchase for use at home.

Our vision

Our vision is to financially educate youth globally. We currently have localised versions for New Zealand/ Australia, te reo Maori (NZ native language), the United States and South Africa, with Canadian, Indian, Indonesian, UK and Sharia versions in the pipeline.

MoneyTime financial education program for South African schools

MoneyTime offers a purpose built school financial literacy program for South African schools. The program makes teaching personal finance easy for teachers by providing a comprehensive financial literacy curriculum consisting of 30 lessons and a money management game

Partner with us

We are seeking partners who share our passion to create a brighter future for South African youth. A future where confusion and uncertainty around money is replaced by understanding and confidence. Financially healthy people create financially successful communities and the whole country benefits.

We’d love to hear from you if you are a financial institution interested in a sponsorship opportunity where the product is aligned with your services e.g. banking, insurance, investment, retirement, real estate, employment, business.

If you are an educational resource provider with a complimentary product or suite of products for 10-14 year olds, we are keen to explore ways we can collaborate.