Help and frequently asked questions for teachers

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1.  Managing classes and accounts
2. Trouble shooting
3. How MoneyTime works

1. Managing classes and accounts

How do I sign up?

Every teacher needs their own account. Use our Request a free trial form to get in touch with us. We’ll send you the information you need to set up your account.

If you are a department head and wish to sign up other teachers, use the same form and include the teachers’ first name, last name and email address in the message.

What do I do at the beginning of a new year?

If you already have a MoneyTime account, login and you will be asked to create a new class. You can add new students to this class by going into your Manage tab, clicking on ‘Add Students’ and following the instructions, which include them creating their account and entering the class code.

Previous students simply login and they will be asked straight away for the class code. Unless you want them to start again (see ‘Resetting student accounts’ below), we recommend putting them in a separate class to new students (see below ‘How do I create a new class?’) as you will need to unlock the modules they are up to.

Resetting student accounts 

You can reset student accounts once they have joined your class. You don’t have to add them as new students, just give them the class code. The next time they log in they will be asked for the class code (see ‘How do I generate a new class code?’) and the program will automatically join them to the class.

When they are in the class you will be able reset their accounts (make sure they are logged out of the program first) by clicking on the three horizontal bars on the right end of their student record, then ‘Wipe results and start again’.  

How do I generate the class code?

To generate the class code, select the class in the header bar of your MoneyTime page, go into your Manage tab, and click the orange ‘Generate class code’ button. If the button is already green, that is the code you should use.

How do I create a new class?

Click on the ‘+’ button in your MoneyTime header bar.

2. Trouble shooting

If you cannot find the solution to your issue below, contact with a screenshot of the error message and the page address at the top left of the screen. 

“Invalid Google login” error message 

This error message usually occurs when the user tries to use Google login but is logged into a different Google account than the one they created their MoneyTime account with. To resolve the issue:

1. Open a new tab the browser
2. Access the Google account and log out 
3. Login to Google again using the account you/they used to set up their MoneyTime account with.
4. Close the tab Login at

“Invalid Email Address” error message 

This can occur when:

1. The student is trying to log in before they have created their account. If you can’t see them in your Mange tab, contact us ( and we will check.
2. The student’s account was created using a Google login and they are trying to use the email and password option to login. They should try using the ‘Login with Google’ button.
3. Check the email address is being spelt correctly.
4. Check no one else is logged in to MoneyTime on their device.

Student forgot their password

Students can request a password reset on their login page by clicking “Forgot your password? Click here to reset”.

If the above does not work for your student, in your Manage tab, click on the three horizontal bars at the end of the student’s record then click ‘Send password reset’.

If the student does not see the password reset email in their inbox, they should check their spam folder for the email from

If you think there is an error with their account, contact us at

I forgot my teacher password

Teachers can request a password reset on their login page by clicking “Forgot your password? Click here to reset”.

If you do not see the password reset email in your inbox, check your spam folder for an email from

If you think there is an error with your account, contact us at

Student doesn’t have an avatar 

f a student has progressed past module one and there is no avatar showing on their homepage they missed selecting their avatar at the end of module 1. They need to click on their “Earn” tab then select Module 1. They need to redo the quiz for module 1 then when they get to the results screen they can select an avatar.

Student’s screen freezes

If a student is doing a module and encounters a system problem (which may also produce a spinning cursor), they should:

1. Refresh the screen by clicking the page refresh button in the header bar of their browser
2. Close out of the module using the cross at the top right of the screen then resume the module by going to Dashboard/Earn, clicking on the module and clicking “Resume”.
3. If neither of these resolves the problem contact us at

Student wants to edit data they have input

Ask the student to press use the back arrow twice to go to the screen prior to the one they wish to edit, then refresh the screen. They can then press the forward arrow once to reach the screen they wish to edit (the back arrow has the effect of erasing inputs).

 If that doesn’t work they can try:

1. Exiting the module by clicking the “X” at the top right of their screen.
2. Refreshing their screen
3. Going to the “Earn” tab
4. Clicking the module they were working on. It will take them back to where they exited from.
5. Use the back arrow to go back two screens before the exercise.

If that still doesn’t work, please let us know their name and we’ll try fixing it from our end.

Module won’t unlock for a student

1. Check you have unlocked the modules for that class.
2. If the next module does not show for a student as unlocked, even though you have unlocked it, it means the student has not completed the post test for the previous module. Each module has a 10 question quiz at the end of it. There is also a 15 question post-test after the quiz for the modules at the end of a topic (a topic is every 3-4 modules). So your student needs to go to their Earn tab, click on the last module they were on, redo the quiz, get to the results page and click the orange button to do the post test.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

If you cannot find the solution to your issue here, contact with a screenshot of the error message and the page address at the top left of the screen. 

3. How MoneyTime works

How long do modules take?

The modules are designed to take 20 mins to complete. More capable students may finish in 15 mins, less capable students may take 25 mins. 

How is a MoneyTime lesson structured?

The expected structure of a 50 minute lesson is:

1. 20 minutes to complete the module
2. 10 mins to redo the module or quiz, then save, spend and invest the money they have earned
3. 20 mins for activity. This is an important component of the program as it provides an opportunity for discussion, questions, corrections and reinforcement.

How long will it take students to complete the program?

There are 30 classroom modules. Assuming students complete 1 module per week, the program will take 30 weeks (3 terms) to complete. Assuming students complete 3 modules/ week, it will take10 weeks (1 term) to complete.

How much input is required by me during lessons?

MoneyTime is a self-directed experiential learning tool designed to ease the teaching burden from you. Students shouldn’t require much assistance to complete the modules, if any. However we strongly recommend you facilitate the discussion activity after they have completed the module in order to consolidate what they have learned.

Are there lesson plans for the modules?

Module guides are provided to give you an overview of what your students will be learning, including learning outcomes, vocabulary and teaching points. They also provide suggestions for activities to reinforce what your students have learned. The guides are available for each module by clicking “Guide” on the relevant module in the Modules tab.

How much prep work is required by me for each module?

MoneyTime is self directed so you don’t have to do any teaching. However, we recommend you take five minutes to think about what activities in the module guide you would like to do with your students when they have completed the module.

Can I view upcoming modules? 

Yes, by clicking “View” on the relevant module in the Modules tab.

Can students earn extra money?

Your students can earn extra by redoing quizzes – they get R2,000 for each answer they improve their score by. E.g. if they get 5 right the first time = R5,000. Then if they redo the quiz and get 7 right they get an extra R4,000.